Quotes About Rebecca

Below you can see quotes about Rebecca from her friends, family and those that have come into contact with her. Check back for future updates.

“Over the last few days we have been all to aware of the difficult times you have had. I am writing to assure you of our thoughts and prayers here in the school. There are many teachers who remember both Rebecca, and of course her sister, with great affection.”

“One of our ex-students, who knew both Rebecca and Rachael from school, came into school on the Monday from Heart FM. She wanted to know how we felt in school and also wanted a ‘clip’ about Rebecca herself. I explained that the teachers who remembered Rebecca were very concerned and that we had said a prayer for her and yourselves in the staff room on Monday morning. When the reports asked what Rebecca was like I quoted the reference the Mrs Fitzgerald wrote for her in 2005. This describes Rebecca as a ‘sensitive, thoughtful and energetic student’ and as a student who showed ‘an extraordinary level of determination and reliability'”

“…a little later a crew from Granada showed up. I repeated the same message, but on this occasion added that my strongest memory was of an ever-present smile, behind which was a student who was always positive and hard-working”

Mr John Murray (Head teacher at the Chester Catholic High School)