Media and Legislative Update

SAMMAMISH, WASHINGTON. The message of International Cruise Victims has been carried around the world through various media. Last week Fox TV in Los Angeles ran an excellent show featuring ICV members. The report concentrated on the issue of Health Care received on Cruise ships. While this has also been posted on our website, those who have not viewed this excellent news item it can see it by clicking on the following link. It has already been confirmed that this will air in other cities around the country.

Mark your calendar for a full hour show on May 23rd. This show will feature the story of Amy Bradley who disappeared during a stop on a cruise ship on March 24, 1998. There have been reported sightings of Amy over the years and this show will further explore her disappearance.

The show will air at 10PM Eastern time on the Lifetime Network. The program is hosted by Beth Holloway and is called Vanished. Check your local listings to find the show in your area.

Ron and Iva Bradley have never given up the hope of finding their daughter. Iva has been a member of the Board of ICV since the very beginning and is currently in charge of keeping track of the continuously growing membership lists. So many of our members who have lost loved ones have never given up hope of someday learning what happened to them or, better yet, seeing them again. Two of our newest members from England, Mike and Ann Coriam, parents of Rebecca Coriam are today trying to find answers as to what happened to their daughter. A most recent article just posted on the ICV website concerning this new missing person case can be found at the following:

On the legislative side, ICV members have testified before two committees of the California Assembly. The hearings were held on May 3rd and again on May 18th. So far we have continued to move forward. At this point in time we are most hopeful that this progress will continue and AB 1060 – Crimes of Violence;Crimes at Sea…a bill to protect passengers, will pass in the Assembly during the first week in June. Assuming things stay on track, that would then mean we would move on to the Senate for more hearings and final approval.

Week after week we continue to hear from new victims. These include victims of rape, assaults, sub-standard medical care, disappearances and even murder. ICV was formed to provide a place for these victims to receive support. In addition, however, ICV has taken a very proactive approach to putting in place the laws necessary to protect passengers. This is not an easy task but through our membership working together great progress has been made around the world.

The various talents of the membership which include lobbying, supporting victims and changing an industry represent an enviable model for any organization.

As always, your donations are essential as we continue down this road. Take a minute to make your contribution which will allow us to continue to make a difference.