Campaign so far…

Campaign so far…

Saturday 23rd July “A night for Rebecca” an event at Chester Racecourse in The pavilion suite.
The Rebecca Coriam Search foundation Ltd held a night to help raise money, to further the investigation into the search to find Rebecca; and also find out what has happened to her. Chester Racecourse kindly donated the room for this event, while local business from Chester and around the local area donated a variety of prizes that were raffled off on the night. Please see….

The night itself was a huge success with approximately three hundred people attending to show their support for Rebecca and her family. There was a variety of people, friends, family and strangers of all ages that turned up for the evening’s entertainment.
Entertainment on the evening included a disco, bar, food, photos of Rebecca, raffles, speeches from John Jennings (Rebecca’s Uncle) and Mike and Ann (Rebecca’s parents) and a live singer, Sarah Rowland.

At the end of the evening, Mike thanked everyone for coming and decided to share a few words. He choose a paragraph from an article (Mortal after all) written by Donna Marsh O’Connor, spokesperson for the anti-war group September 11th families for Peaceful Tomorrows. Mike had read the article and felt it goes some way to try and explain how they feel about their Daughters disappearance.

“When you lose a child, the grief that enters your life stays for as long as you live. It circles like a large rubber band. Some days, most days, it is loose enough that you can almost forget it’s there. You experience joy as you share meals with friends and family or when the sun is brilliant in the sky at the beginning of spring and you are happy that winter has finally loosened its grip. But then there are days when the rubber band tightens and you are brought back to the intensity of grief, to the moment when death swirls and taunts.”

Mike ended his speech by saying this article by Donna Marsh O’Connor, who had lost her daughter who was pregnant, in the 9/11 attacks. “Donna knew what had happened too her daughter, we don’t know what has happened to Rebecca, but we will find out…”

The Coriam family are very grateful for all the help they have received from Family, Friends, the local businesses and everyone who attended to show support for Rebecca.

Family News

It has been over four months since Rebecca disappearance. The investigation by the Royal Bahamas maritime police is still on-going and no real news has been given to any of the family.
Since Stephen Mosley (Conservative MP for Chester) mentioned Rebecca’s story in the House of Commons, the family have been given the opportunity to meet and talk with the Minister of Shipping, Mike Penning MP.

The meeting will be focused on changing UK legislation for UK cruise passengers and staff. This will hopefully allow UK authorities access to investigate UK cruise victims on any cruise ship, anywhere in the world, in the hope to prevent anyone else going through what the Coriam family are currently experiencing.

Representatives from the International Cruise Victims Association (ICV) will be attending the meeting with the Minister of Shipping along with the Coriam Family. The Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act 2009 that was recently passed in the House of Representatives in the United States, that was petitioned by the ICV. They will be providing insight and experience in changing these legislations in the UK. They advocate and endeavour to introduce new UK and EU laws to protect passengers and crew on cruise vessels.

They currently have a petition in place, Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act 2010 [EU], to further the changes in legislation. The petition can be signed at

Fund raising events have recently been taking place, A night for Rebecca Coriam
and bag packing at Tescos in Chester are two that have happened in July 2011. Any money raised at these events and any future ones  will go towards the fight for answers into Rebecca’s disappearance.  Please check for more details on forthcoming events.

“We don’t know what has happened to Rebecca, but we will find out…” (Mike Coriam)